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Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Menyinggah.. Segala Komen Dari Kalian Amat Dialu-alukan.. Maaf Jika Terdapat Kasar Bahasa Atau Tersalah Kata.. Diri Ini Hanyalah Hamba Allah Yang Lemah.. Sekian..

Dog Day Afternoon

Huh...Jangan Salah Faham..Cerita Yang Aku Nak Pamerkan Kali Ni Tak Ada Kena Mengena Dengan Anjing, Atau Perkara yang Sewaktu Dengannya..Cuma Kali Ni Ada Satu Lagi Movie Nak Kongsi Dengan Korang..Cerita Lama Tapi Kalau Tengok Balik,Memang Best..Dan Lagi Satu, Aktornya Adalah Al-Pacino..Siapa Tak Kenal Pelakon Berkaliber Ni..Kan Kan?Menang Grammy, Oscar Tak Payah Cerita Lah..Banyak Dah Kat Rumah Dia..Hahaha..Cerita-Cerita Dia Memang Best Dan Ini Ada Satu Cerita Dia Aku Nak Kongsi Bersama..Siapa Free-Free Boleh Pergi Tengok..Buffer Kat Youtube Je..Aku Pun Tengok Balik Cerita Ni Semalam..

Synopsis :

First-Time Crook Sonny Wortzik (Pacino) And His Friend Sal (Cazale) Rob A Brooklyn Bank To Fund Sonny's (Male) Wife's Sex Change Operation, Only To Discover That The Bank Has Very Little Money At The Time. Their Third Accomplice Loses His Nerve, And Runs Off During The Raid. They Are Then Informed That The Police Have Been Tipped Off And Have The Bank Under Siege. Unsure What To Do, The Two Robbers Camp Out In The Bank, Holding All The Workers Hostage.

Detective Moretti (Durning) Calls The Bank To Tell Sonny That The Police Have Arrived. Sonny Warns That He And Sal Have Hostages And Will Kill Them If Anyone Tries To Come Into The Bank. Detective Moretti Acts As Hostage Negotiator, While FBI Agent Sheldon Monitors His Actions. Howard, The Security Guard, Has An Asthma Attack, So Sonny Releases Him When Moretti Asks For A Hostage As A Sign Of Good Faith. Moretti Convinces Sonny To Step Outside The Bank To See How Aggressive The Police Forces Are. After A Moment, Sonny Starts His Now-Famous "ATTICA!" Chant, A Reference To The Recent Attica Prison riot In Which 39 People Were Killed, And The Civilian Crowd Starts Cheering For Sonny.

After Realizing They Cannot Make A Simple Getaway, Sonny Demands Transportation : A Jet To Take Them Out Of the Country. When A Tactical Team Approaches The Back Door, He Fires A Shot To Warn Them Off. Moretti Tries To Persuade Sonny That Those Police Were A Separate Unit That He Was Not Controlling. Later, Sonny Incites The Crowd By Throwing Money Over The Police Barricades. Some Overrun The Barricade And A Few Are Arrested. When Sonny's Wife Leon Schermer (A Transwoman) Arrives, She Reveals That Sonny Is Robbing The Bank To Pay For Leon's Sex Reassignment Surgery And That Sonny Also Has A Legal Wife, Angie, And Children.

As Night Sets In, The Lights In The Bank All Shut Off. Sonny Goes Outside Again And Discovers That Agent Sheldon Has Taken Command Of The Scene. He Refuses To Give Sonny Any More Favors, But When Hostage Mulvaney Goes Into A Diabetic Shock, Agent Sheldon Lets A Doctor Through. While The Doctor Is Inside The Bank, Sheldon Convinces Leon To Talk To Sonny On The Phone. The Two Have A Lengthy Conversation That Reveals Leon Had Attempted Suicide To "Get Away From" Sonny. She Had Been Hospitalized At The Psychiatric Ward Of Bellevue Hospital Until The Police Brought Her To The Dcene. Leon Turns Down Sonny's Offer To Join Him And Sal, To Wherever They Take The Plane. Sonny Tells Police Listening To The Phone Call That Leon Had Nothing To Do With The Robbery Attempt.

After The Phone Call, The Doctor Asks Sonny To Let Mulvaney Leave And Sonny Agrees. Mulvaney refuses, instead insisting He Remain With His Employees. The FBI Calls Sonny Out Of The Bank Again. They Have Brought His Mother To The Scene. She Unsuccessfully Tries To Persuade Him To Give Himself Up And Agent Sheldon Signals That A Limousine Will Arrive In Ten Minutes To Take Them To A Waiting Jet. Once Back Inside The Bank, Sonny Writes Out His Will, Leaving Money From His Life Insurance To Leon For Her Sex Change And To His Wife Angie.

When The Limousine Arrives, Sonny Checks It For Any Hidden Weapons Or Booby Traps. When He Decides The Car Is Satisfactory, He Settles On Agent Murphy To Drive Sal, The Remaining Hostages And Him To Kennedy Airport. Sonny Sits In The Front Next To Murphy While Sal Sits Behind Them. Murphy Repeatedly Asks Sal To Point His Gun At The Roof So Sal Won't Accidentally Shoot Him. As They Wait on The Airport Tarmac For The Plane To Taxi Into Position, Agent Sheldon Forces Sonny's Weapon Onto The Dashboard, Creating A Distraction Which Allows Murphy to pull a Pistol Hidden In His Armrest And Shoot Sal In The Head. Sonny Is Immediately Arrested And The Hostages Are All Escorted To The Terminal. The Film Ends With Sonny Watching Sal's Body Being Taken From The Car On A Stretcher.

Cast :

Character Actor/Actress Role Similar person from Life article
Sonny Wortzik Al Pacino Bank Robber John Wojtowicz
Salvatore "Sal" Naturile John Cazale Sonny's Partner In The Robbery Salvatore Antonio Naturile
Detective Sgt. Eugene Moretti Charles Durning Police Detective Who Originally Negotiates With Sonny Real Life Negotiator Was Policeman James McGowan[1]
Agent Sheldon James Broderick FBI Agent Who Replaces Moretti In Negotiations Agent Richard Baker
Agent Murphy Lance Henriksen FBI Agent/Driver Agent Murphy
Leon Shermer Chris Sarandon Sonny's Lover Ernest Aron
Sylvia "The Mouth" Penelope Allen Head Teller Shirley Bell (Wojtowicz also Called Her "The Mouth")
Mulvaney Sully Boyar Bank Manager Robert Barrett
Angie Susan Peretz Sonny's Other Wife Carmen Bifulco
Jenny "The Squirrel" Carol Kane Bank Teller
Stevie Gary Springer Sonny's Second Partner In The Robbery A second Unknown Partner Who Left Immediately Is Mentioned
Howard Calvin John Marriott Unarmed Bank Guard Calvin Jones

Directed By Sidney Lumet
Produced By Martin Bregman
Martin Elfand
Written By Frank Pierson
P. F. Kluge (Article)
Thomas Moore (Article)
Starring Al Pacino
John Cazale
Charles Durning
James Broderick
Chris Sarandon
Editing By Dede Allen
Distributed By Warner Bros.
Release Date(s) September 21, 1975
Running Time 124 Minutes.
Language English

Anyway..Cerita Ni Salah Satu Antara Cerita Al-Pacino Yang Best,Masa Dia Muda Dulu..Haha..Sekarang Dah Tua Dah..Cerita Ni Jugak Adalah Kisah Benar yang Berlaku Pada Tahun 1972..Diadapted Ke Movie Oleh Director Sidney Lumet Dan File Ni Banyak Menang Anugerah..Fuh...Lawak Pun Ada Bila Dia(Sunny aka Al-Pacino) Cuba Merompak Bank Yang Kosong Dan Bila Polis Da Kepung Bank Tu, Dia Dan Member Dia Cuak..Siap Boleh Borak-Borak Dengan Hostage Lagi..Hahaha...Apa-Apa Pun..Bagi Sesiapa Yang Nak Tengok,Klik Link Kat Bawah Ni Yer :

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